Beer Bread Check Out Here To Make Your Own Beer Bread

Beer bread can be yeast or quick bread flavored with beer. Beer bread is prepared with beer, flour, and sugar. Beer bread can be made of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer. To achieve the best beer bread, beer should be slightly warmed to activate the yeast in order to enhance rising. Beer contains yeast; for example, craft beers have dormant yeast sediment settled at the bottom of the bottle, while mass market beers contain live yeast which is filtered out. If the leavening from the beer is not enough, another leavening agent like baking powder or baking soda is added. Beer bread devoid of a leavening agent is brawny and does not dry if overcooked. Self-rising flour maybe used to make beer bread for better results since it contains a mixture of flour and a leavening agent. The end results of using self-rising flour is that the texture of the beer bread tends to be more variable, but more bitter if using darker beers. Beer bread mixes which are pre-packaged can be bought they are composed of leavening agents and dry ingredients.

Different beers help achieve diverse styles of beer bread; for example using a beer mixed with brown sugar will make darker beer bread with a more prominent savor. Spiced or flavored beers usually make bread with the same but less concentrated flavor than the beer. Other flavors can be added whilst mixing the dry ingredients to augment the zest of the beer bread. These flavorings include; dill, mustard, cheddar, feta, garlic, herb, and sun-dried tomato. The choice of flavorings is determined by when the beer bread will be consumed since some flavors improve with time upon storage.

The beer bread’s yeasty savor is best served with stews and soups whilst its leftovers can serve as a breakfast toast.

If you are the first time to make beer bread, you should think that the bread would smell like beer, but you are wrong, let’s begin, you will know that beer bread tastes delicious.

Low-gluten flour (250g)
High-gluten flour (150g)
Milk (110g)
Beer (70g)
Eggs (33g)
Sugar (75g)
Salt (4g)
Milk powder (12g)
Olive oil (25g)
Butter (25g)
Yeast (8g)

1. Put all the INGREDIENTS except Olive oil and Butter into the bucket of bread maker, just follow the order from liquid to solid.

2. Put the bucket into your bread machine.

3. Begin your bread maker to knead dough for 15 minutes, then stop bread maker, and add the butter.

4. Begin your bread maker again to knead dough for another 15 minutes.

5. You can drink a coffe, and let the bread maker works automatically for 1.25 hours. After that, the dough ferment finishs.

6. Take out the dough and cut it into 3 pieces, you can leave if for half an hour.

7. Make the dough into rectangle and put red beans into it.

9. Make the dough into rectangle again and put red beans, raisins and walnuts into it.

10. Roll the dough from down to up.

11. Untill it becomes cylinder.

12. Put it into the pan.

13. Put it into Fermentation machine

14. Make the Fermentation machine 38 degrees, wait for 1 hour

15. After the dough is 2 times as large as the original, take out the pan.

16. Put the eggs into the face of the dough.

17. Cut the dough there notched.

18. Begin oven 170 degrees, wait for 35 minutes.

19. Now, it is time to get your beer bread out.

20. Wow, now you can eat beer bread by cutting them into pieces, it depends on you.


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