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In this Era’s life style, a knife’s job is not just confined to cutting and slicing is a science. Different types of foods need different knives. A bread knife is designed especially to cut the bread. Many people like to have the bread knives to make it easier to cut the bread with ease. Normally, best knife for slicing bread have serrations on the blade so that the separate serration create an angle that can can easily drive through the surface of the bread. Those serrations never touch the kitchen cutting board after the bread is sliced.

As a general rule, best bread cutting knife have longer blades and many manufacturers keen to have a length of 7 inches or more. The longer the bread knife the finer it would be. A serrated knife helps to precisely slice the bread’s loaf into several pieces of exact size and shape with minimal efforts. Brands such as Wusthof, OXO, Global, Shun, J.A. Henckels and Chicago produce some of the finest bread knives in the world. There are other two cheap bread knife types which are Ceramic and Electric Bread Cutting Knife. Overall, most of the bread knives have serrations for best results.

The Many Uses of Bread Knives

Bread Knives can be used in your kitchen for a wide range of tasks and it is not only meant for cutting the bread. The Serrated Blade of the knife is able to cut thin slices of tomatoes. Bread Knife is an ideal alternative to carving knife so that you can carve the turkey at Christmas or Thanksgiving. It comes very handy to remove the skin of toughest fruits.

We have created a quick shortlist of Top Best Bread Cutting Knife out there in the market. As a result, we created this comparison chart for you to do side-by-side comparison on various bread knives that help you for easy decision-making. In our opinion, these are ideal picks. However, this list might be updated on near future if there are new releases. Go ahead and check-out the best suitable bread knife for crusty bread.

Best Bread Knife – Reviews of Top Five Bread Knives

If you are looking to invest in bread knife or just want to replace or upgrade an existing knife continue reading this best bread knife reviews which will help you to choose the right bread knife out there in the market. Below are our top recommended bread knife models for you. These are solely our opinion and rated by our Editor after considering so many Quality criteria.

Shun DM0705 Classic 9-Inch Bread Knife

Shun DM0705 Classic 9-Inch Bread Knife

Shun DM0705 is one of the best bread knives for Crusty Bread. This high-quality bread knife is the part of Japanese Cutlery. This Classic 9-Inch Knife is an Japanese Knife ideal for everything from baguettes to rustic artisan breads. The serrated edge prevents tearing and help to precisely slice the loaf of the bread.

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The forged stainless-steel blade for added Strength, Durability, Sharpness and Solid Grip. It is manufactured in Japan and backed by the Lifetime warranty. The D-shaped Pakkawood handle offer solid and comfortable grip when in use. This bread knife ever won’t crush or tear your foods when cutting.

Victorinox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife

Victorinox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife

Everyone Likes Victorinox Knives and We Recommend Victorinox Kitchen Knives on almost every analysis we have done. This is a basic bread knife, but don’t let the design fool you because it can get the job done easily. This knife is fairly heavy and make straight cuts in the Bread’s Crust. You will get enough control with the slight flexibility.

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Victorinox Top Bread Knife is large enough to slice through a large bread with single easy stroke. We recommend this bread cutting knife if you are looking for high-quality, affordable bread knife. It is made in Switzerland and only hand washing recommended.

Global G-9 22cm Bread Knife

Global G-9 22cm Bread Knife

Global, is one of the popular brand that produce high-quality kitchen knives such as Bread Knife, Chef’s Knife, Steak Knife and so on. This 22cm Bread Knife is precisely balanced, lightweight and made of high-tech stainless steel for added Strength, Durability, Sharpness & Many More. This has excellent razor sharpness and edge retains exceptionally well. The stainless steel handles offer safe and comfortable grip.

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It is backed by Lifetime warranty against breakage and defects as-well. Hand washing is recommended to protect the serrated edges. We see many people asking “Can You Recommend The Best Bread Knife” on search engines, but we think they are meant “Can You Buy The Best Bread Knife?” and if so, you can buy it once read this article completely.

The finest bread knife will bring a touch of perfection to your kitchen counter ultimately and look valuable as a jewel in your kitchen. If you are Home Chef or Professional and don’t want to miss the special offers on bread knives, better check-out the Top Bread Knife Deals on Amazon directly by the clicking the button shown above. Place your order today and get it at your doorstep. Anyways, thank you in advance for checking-out this best bread knife review article in advance!


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