Hamilton Beach 29881 HomeBaker Breadmaker Review

We dug into our mailbox and found that a lot of our readers are looking for bread makers that are priced less than a hundred bucks. The Hamilton Beach 29881 HomeBaker series falls into this category, and we can even say that it’s one of the cheapest models that you will find on the market today.

We checked the product out, and found that it produces rectangular shaped loaves of bread in either the 1.5 or 2 pound weight. And like other expensive units, it can also make sweet bread, fruit jams, and pizza dough among others.

Hamilton Beach 29881 HomeBaker Breadmaker

Hamilton Beach 29881 HomeBaker Breadmaker Features

  • 2 Loaf Sizes – You can make a 1.5-pound or 2-pound loaf with this.
  • Programmable Cycles – It can make Basic White bread, French, Whole Wheat, Quick, Sweet Bread, Jams, Dough and more.
  • 3 Crust Shades – It gives you the option of having light or medium or dark crust.
  • Viewing Window – You can look and check at your bread while it’s being mixed, kneaded and baked inside the chamber.
  • Rectangular Non-stick Bread Pan – The finished bread easily slides out of the pan and it’s easy to clean too (you can use a damp cloth).
  • Audible Reminder – It sounds off when it’s time to add in the fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.
  • Extra Kneading Paddles – It comes with an extra set of kneading paddles.

Hamilton Beach 29881 HomeBaker Breadmaker Specifications

  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Model: 29881
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 17.5 x 12.4 inches
  • Product Weight: Approximately 16 pounds
  • Not a Sensitive Breadmaker

We are happy to announce that this model is not at all sensitive to recipe ingredients. There were reports from customers about recipes being messed up; but still, the results are edible. Sure enough, if you follow the correct measurements in the recipes, more perfect results can be achieved. Because of the unit’s adaptability and flexibility, you can try searching for free recipes online too.

Hamilton Beach 29881 Can Make Simple Recipes as Well as Complicated Ones

Hamilton Beach 29881 HomeBaker Breadmaker Review

Listen to us: Don’t let this model’s price and simplicity fool you. You can also make pizza dough and fruit jams in this bread maker. And the Bake Only, Quick, and Sweet Bread programs are also usable for making recipes like banana bread, cinnamon raisin bread, and more.

Oh Look at the Time!You can bake bread in this unit in just 3 hours. And pizza dough can be ready in just 1 ½ hours.Uh-Oh… It Walks…We would like to warn you that this unit vibrates a lot during operation. We therefore advice you to push it way back on your counter as it might fall off during the mixing and kneading cycles.

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  • The price – You can get this model anywhere from $50 to $70.
  • Energy Efficient – It will not have a huge effect on your electric bills even if you use it constantly.
  • Good Looking – It looks great on the kitchen counter.
  • Cost Effective – The cost of bread made in breadmakers is cheaper than store-bought breads.
  • Quiet – The sound level is tolerable.
  • Easy to Use – The control panel is easy to read and program; and preparation time will only take you about 5 minutes.


  • It Vibrates – Since this model strongly vibrates, we recommend putting a rubber pad underneath it especially if your countertop has a smooth surface.

Hamilton Beach 29881 Breadmaker Customer Reviews

I have heard that only models in the $200 and $300 price range can work well, but this one works really GREAT and it’s very affordable too. I have used it for several months now and I’ve gotten perfect results everytime – soft, crusty, and fluffy.

Shefeline, Amazon.com

I have had this bread maker for quite some time and it’s really great!! I have made every thing from simple recipes of wheat bread to more complex savory and sweet breads and I’m happy to say that every single one of them has come out perfect! Get this bread maker!

Victoria Wacek, Amazon.com

I love making pizza dough as I am a pizza lover. The dough is just as good as the pizza that you can get at the pizza shop and you probably can’t tell the difference. Much better than those frozen pizzas too, for sure.

Preppy Jock, Amazon.com

Hamilton Beach 29881 Breadmaker Best Bread Machine Looks at the Ratings

The Hamilton Beach 29881 has a very high rating of 4.3 stars at Amazon. Around 40 customers have left their feedback, and most of the reviews are positive (5 stars, in fact).

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We are really impressed with the quality and features of the Hamilton Beach 29881 HomeBaker. It is not that sensitive to measuring ingredients, and it’s capable of producing great tasting bread and other recipes too.

Having this at home will really make your life easier as you no longer need to make bread by hand. And it will save you a lot of money too as you won’t need to buy bread from stores any more. For a unit that’s priced less than a hundred dollars, this is a great buy.

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