Morphy Richards Bread Making Machine Review

If you’re looking for a Morphy Richards bread maker, you’ve come to the right place! We have searched the internet, exhaustively tested and reviewed the main brands of bread making machines, including Morphy Richards, and compiled extensive reviews, matched with the very lowest prices on the very best Morphy Richards breadmakers.

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Morphy Richards produce a number of different bread makers, starting with their entry-level product, the 48330 Daily Loaf Breadmaker, and going right up to their top of the range product, the 48319 Premium Plus Breadmaker in a brushed stainless steel finish.

Morphy Richards 48330 Daily Loaf Breadmaker

Morphy Richards Bread Making Machine

This is a comparatively simple product that does exactly what it says on the box. It will make a standard 1lb loaf of bread with a choice of five settings and one crust setting only that.

The 48330 Daily Loaf Breadmaker is very simple to use. It has a viewing window as standard and remains cool to the touch during the baking process for additional safety. Full instructions and some straightforward recipes are provided that this really is a simple compact bread making machine retailing at less than £50 online.

Morphy Richards 48268 Breadmaker is available in stainless steel. Again, this is a compact breadmaker but with surprisingly full functionality for a bread making machine of this size. There are a choice of 12 settings and three crust options.

The Morphy Richards 48268 Breadmaker does also have a unique blade or kneader that retracts during the bread making process so that you are not left with a loaf of bread that has a hole in the bottom. For some people this option will be priceless!

Furthermore, the Morphy Richards 48268 Breadmaker will make jams, cakes and specialty dough for you. The Morphy Richards 48248 Breadmaker is the next in the range with a recommended retail price of £99.99. Available in graphite colouring, this is certainly an unusual looking at bread making machine!

Functionality, as you would expect, is improved on the 48268 but the retracting kneading blade is included as standard, of course. There are 10 baking program to choose from, including cakes and jams. There are also three crust settings to choose from.It is worth noting that although there is an ingredients dispenser, this is not automatic and simply signals you when the appropriate time has been reached in the baking process for the ingredients to be added.

Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus Breadmaker

Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus Breadmaker

The Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus Breadmaker is top of the range and, as you might expect, comes with the fullest functionality of the breadmakers in the Morphy Richards range. There are 19 different programmes to choose from as well as three loaf sizes and five different crust settings.

Most importantly for many people will be the appearance of this bread making machine, which is available in brushed steel. There is also a LCD display and viewing window. Needless to say, the retractable kneading blade comes as standard.

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