Panasonic SD-2501WXC Automatic Breadmaker Review

If you are considering a excellent bread maker that’s flexible as well as of top quality, then the actual Automatic Panasonic breads maker SD-2501wxc may be the product for you personally. Panasonic is among the leading consumer electronics brands on the world, and may be providing clients with a wide variety of innovations with regard to both house and industrial use because 1959.

They’ve a customer-first viewpoint, calling their own innovations “Ideas for Life” because their definitive goal is to higher the life of the customers, regardless of whom or even where they’re. They also provide a dedication to culture – their own products are designed to contribute towards the progress from the world.

Panasonic SD-2501WXC Automatic Breadmaker

Using its new contemporary styling completed in whitened with cool-touch real estate, this Panasonic breadmaker is definitely an ideal addition to your house. An angled, simple to use control panel offers simpleness of style ensuring easy operation.

Panasonic SD-2501wxc provides you with the ease of having clean bread anytime from clean basic ingredients and may cater with regard to particular nutritional requirements (gluten free of charge, low sodium, high fiber). Distinctive to Panasonic, the non-stick surface from the bread skillet and massaging blade tend to be coated along with diamond particles that are twice because tough as well as scratchproof because conventional types.

Panasonic SD-2501WXC includes a Raisin Enthusiast Dispenser which automatically provides additional ingredients for your recipe. The brand new 100% Gluten Free of charge Bread Program enables you to bake gluten free of charge loaves, using an array of gluten free of charge bread blends and flours.

The brand new Specialty Mode allows you to use numerous grains as well as flours such as Spelt Flour which can’t be made right into a loaf associated with bread easily by themselves. The Rye Breads Program as well as its distinctive mixing blade can make a variety of tasty loaves utilizing Rye as well as Spelt flours.

While using new Quickly pull and Compote Setting, you can certainly and rapidly prepare fresh fruit jam or even compote in your own home.With its new modern styling finished in white with cool-touch housing, this breadmaker is an ideal addition to your home. An angled, easy to use control panel offers simplicity of design ensuring ease of operation.

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The SD-2501W gives you the convenience of having fresh bread at anytime from fresh basic ingredients and can cater for particular dietary requirements (gluten free, low salt, high fibre). Unique to Panasonic, the non-stick surface of the bread pan and kneading blade are coated with diamond particles which are twice as tough and scratchproof as conventional ones. panabread

Panasonic SD-2501WXC Automatic Breadmaker Features

  • 11 Bread&Dough Modes
  • Raisin Nut Dispenser
  • Jam and Compote Mode
  • 3 Different Loaf Sizes

Do You Need To Buy Panasonic SD-2501WXC Automatic Breadmaker

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Panasonic SD-2501WXC Automatic Breadmaker Panel

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Customer Review

All bread machines are not the same! You might think that once you had a box on your kitchen counter which can stir ingredients around and then get hot for a while, the results would be largely dependent upon the quality of the ingredients and the ratios they are added in, and that any old machine would do. How wrong you would be (and was I)!

We owned a bread maker a few years ago (can’t remember the make now) and while it was a bit of a fun novelty and it certainly made the house smell good, the results were nothing to get excited about really, and despite endless tweaking of measurements to try and improve the slightly dense dry bricks that we kept getting out of it, we ended up just thinking that this was what machine-made bread was like and that you couldn’t really beat a good fresh bought loaf. Then after only a few months the bucket lost its non-stickiness and after digging 3 or 4 loaves out in pieces with a wooden spoon, we gave up and threw it away.

However, after seeing Panasonic machines…Very very good. The bread machine was delivered within a couple of days of ordering, really quick. It was very straight forward to get started.

The manual has a good collection of recipes, enough to keep me occupied for the next few weeks. I have tried six different breads so far – white milk loaf, 100% wheat, almond and apricot loaf, focaccia (dough only), tomato ciabata and pecan and maple loaf. They all came out beautifully, tasted lovely and soft.

I have tried the timer and it works beautifully.A few tips – measure the ingredients exactly, excess water will make the bread collapse, use strong flour only(very strong flour also works well), pour water gently when using the overnight setting as the water and the yeast should not mix until the bread making begins and use softened butter and room temp water unless specifically asked otherwise.

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It is possible to make roti/chapathi/paratha and naan dough using the machine – this is very useful for me…Fantastic bread maker. This is the first bread maker I have owned, but it is exactly what I was hoping it would be!

I chose this one, as the reviews for the older version of this machine were really good, but I preferred to get the newest one. I read the manual before I started and it turned out the machine was really easy to use. I chose a recipe from the book for a wholemeal loaf as my first try.

I placed the ingredients in the bucket as directed, so yeast first, then the flour, then the rest. I placed the bucket into the machine and set the menu, the size of the loaf and the timer, as I wanted the loaf to be ready in the morning (with most loafs you can set the color of the crust as well, but not with wholemeal).

The next day I had a perfect loaf!I have since made various breads and every time is a success. The machine starts with about 20 minutes of rest, which I thought was odd at first, but I know understand it ensures that the results are the same every time you use the machine.

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