Rice Cooker Cake Recipe

When I fist learn how to make a cake at home, I tried to use rice cooker. I think that many people did this like me, but after I got an oven, I never use rice cooker to maker cakes any more. It is sure that cakes made by oven are more delicious than the ones made by rice cooker.

4 eggs
sugar 20 g (added to the egg yolk)
Milk 50 g
Salad oil 50 g
low-gluten flour 90 g
Fine sugar 60 g (added to egg albumen)

1. Separate egg yolk and albumen.

2. Use whisk to stir the egg albumen to cream shape, add a little salt and sugar.

3. Add 3 tablespoons sugar to the egg yolk, six tablespoons of flour, 10 to 11 tablespoons milk (can also be milky tea, yogurt or something), stir them untill no flour grain.

4. Put the egg albumen to the yolk for twice, stir them smoothly.

5. A few minutes of preheating dry rice cooker.

Spread a little oil,pour eggs, begin the rice cooker with rice cooking function, don’t forget to add a wet towel to cover rice cooker stoma.

6. After the rice cooker comes to heat preservation, wait for 20 minutes.

7. Get the cake out, done.

It is better not to freeze the eggs, If from the refrigerator, thaw them.
I use the common wheat flour, no yeast.

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