The West Bend 41400 2 Lb Breadmaker Review

One of the Best Bread Machine (BBM) girls has this model of West Bend bread maker; so we can provide you with an accurate review of said product. We have used this unit many many times and we have made 1-pound loaves as well as 1.5 and 2-pound loaves with it. We also use it for other recipes like making fruit jams and dough for our homemade pizza and pasta.

If you read the instruction manual (and you should!) you will see that it actually tells you to put the bread pan inside the baking chamber before adding the ingredients listed in your recipe. We advice against this method as you can spill some stuff inside the unit accidentally. What we do is fill the pan with the necessary ingredients while it’s still on our countertop; and then we put it inside the baking chamber.

The West Bend 41400 2 Lb Breadmaker

The West Bend 41400 2 Lb Breadmaker Features

  • 12 Programs – You can select from pre-programmed settings on the control panel (Basic, Whole Wheat, French, Quick, Sweet Bread, Super Rapid (1 and 2), Dough, Cake, Jam, Sandwich, and Bake Only.Powerful Motor – It has 600 watts of power.
  • 3 Sizes – The bread loaf can be set to 1, 1.5, or 2 pounds.Non-stick Pan – The non-stick bread pan can accommodate up to 2 pounds of finished bread.
  • Timer – There’s built-in timer that lets you set the exact time that you want to turn on the machine.
  • Crust Shades – You can choose from 3 colors of crust. The light and medium options will provide you with soft shades of crust, while the dark option can result in thick and chewy crusts.


  • Brand: West Bend
  • Model: 41400
  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 17.3 x 12.5 inches
  • Product Weight: Approximately 15 pounds

How Long Does it Bake Bread?

You need to have patience when making bread as it’s very much worth the wait. For this particular appliance, it takes around 3 hours to complete the basic bread setting.

Delicious Recipes…This model comes with a set of recipes and we strongly recommend that you start with them first. However, as you get used to using this unit (it’s really user-friendly), you will find that you can use other recipes too. You can buy cookbooks and recipes; or download free recipes on the web.

West Bend 41400 2 Lb Best Bread Machine Looks at the Ratings

Over a hundred customers rated this model at the Amazon site, and it got an overall rating of 4.3 (which is really impressive).

This model is also highly rated at the Amazon site. Customers like that fact that it’s reasonably priced yet very useful in baking bread too. West Bend Bread Machine Customer Reviews

It makes beautiful loaves of bread with even shades on the top layer. The baking pan is deep, so a 1.5-pound recipe will not even come that close to the machine’s lid. I’d say the crust is best set at the medium setting. – Judib,

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I’ve had this bread maker for 2 weeks and I just love this model. It has a good instruction manual, which is really helpful. I literally fell in love with the first loaf I made. – A. Terry,

I’ve made several types of bread since I got the unit a couple of weeks ago. Some of the recipes were from the model’s package and the others were on the bread mixes that I bought. I can say that my favorite bread is the Flax Bread. This model is inexpensive and it makes great bread! – Walt,


  • Quiet – This model doesn’t have a loud beeping sound and it’s not that noisy when mixing and kneading ingredients too.
  • 3 Size Options – We like its versatility in providing for 3 sizes of bread.
  • Non-Stick Pan and Kneading Blades – The finished bread slides out easily.
  • Nice Crust – The crust can be soft or thick, depending on the crust settings.
  • Easy to Use – It has a user-friendly interface, and the instruction manual is easy to follow too.


  • Quite Spacious – We only have a small kitchen counter, and this model seems to occupy a lot of space.

This West Bend model happens to be one of our favorite units as we have tested it personally and it passed our standards with flying colors. You will find that it’s easy to use whether you are baking bread from scratch or if you prefer to use ready-made mixes.

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In our experience, breads from this model always turn out delicious and tasty that we sometimes eat them without anything on it whatsoever. But of course, we like it better when we have strawberry jam (also made with the breadmaker).

With the West Bend 41400 in your kitchen, you’ll never want to buy bread again (thus saving you money). And hey, this model is a great buy in itself too because it’s very VERY cheap!

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