What is the Best Bread Knife?

Any bread lover will tell you that there is nothing worse than a piece of torn and twisted bread that has been hacked to death with a dull flat kitchen knife.

As the name implies a bread knife is going to be the best knife for cutting crusty loaves of bread without tearing or crushing the delicate soft center. To get the best uniformed slices of bread you need to get yourself one of the best bread knives you can afford. A kitchen is not complete unless it has a bread knife or at the very least some sort of serrated knife.

Typically a bread knife is between 6 to 10 inches (15cm to 25cm) in length and has a razor sharp serrated edge that makes light work of crusty bread as well as anything else it tackles like tomatoes and fruits.

Unlike other kitchen knives, a serrated bread knife won’t dull as quickly but when they do they require a little extra effort to get the blade razor sharp once again.

Bread Knives Are Not Just For Bread

The humble bread knife is actually a versatile kitchen knife that can tackle a lot more than just bread; it definitely is not just a one-trick-pony. Even though it is named a bread knife and its primary function is for cutting bread it is also great for cutting thin slices of food without destroying the food’s structure. Try using your knife to cut extra thin slices of tomatoes, or even cutting uniformed slices of eggplant or avocado.

A bread knife also makes an excellent replacement for a carving knife if you find yourself stuck with nothing to cut the turkey in the festive season.

How to Sharpen a Bread Knife at Home

The best bread knives will hold a sharp edge for a long period of time, but when they do finally dull sharpening them can often be a challenge and a job for the local knife sharpening expert. But if you don’t mind a bit of work and taking on a challenge you can actually sharpen a bread knife at home with a few basic kitchen knife sharpening tools.

Before you start make sure you have a honing steel, a whetstone and obviously a dull bread knife that needs sharpening.

Sharpening The Serrated Knife

Hold your knife firmly by the handle.Hold you honing steel firmly in your other hand.Place your honing steel into the first set of serrated grooves (also called a “gullet”). Pull the honing steel across the serrated groves quickly a few times making sure to firmly apply pressure as you are doing so.Repeat this for all of the serrated groves along the blade. Once you have completed one full side flip your bread knife over and repeat on the other side. Once you have sharpened both sides give your bread knife a quick rub with fine sandpaper or rub it a few times over a whetstone to remove any lose metal shavings (also called a “burrs”) from the blade.

Our Favorite Bread Knife Review

When it comes to choosing the best rated bread knife for crusty bread we have picked out three of our favorites that we feel deserve a place in your kitchen in 2021.

Victorinox (forschner) 10-1/4-inch Fibrox Wavy Bread Knife

Victorinox (forschner) 10-1-4-inch Fibrox Wavy Bread Knife

The Victorinox (forschner) knife has won numerous bread knife ratings and is one of the best bread knives for the money. Manufactured by the same company behind the Swiss Army Knife you know you’re getting quality.The 10 ¼ inch high-carbon, ice-tempered stainless-steel blade makes light work of crusty exteriors without crushing tender insides.

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The NFS approved patented handle is slip resistant, lightly textured and offers great balance and superior grip even with the wettest of hands.

J.A. Henckels International Forged Synergy 8-inch Bread Knife

J.A. Henckels International Forged Synergy 8-inch Bread Knife

J.A. Henckels are known as one of the best knife producers and their bread knife offering doesn’t disappoint. As with all Henckels kitchen knives this bread knife is well-balanced and very comfortable to use, the blade is ridged and makes light work of the most dense of breads.

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The 8 inch blade is a fully forged stainless steel blade with an elegant satin finish. The handle is a classic riveted handle that features a full rat tail tang for comfortable grip.

Kyocera 7-inch Serrated Bread Knife with Black Handle with White Blade

Kyocera 7-inch Serrated Bread Knife

If you would prefer a ceramic bread knife look no further that this little gem from Kyocera. Kyocera seems to have taken a large portion of the ceramic knife market and their ceramic kitchen knives are favored by professional chefs and home cooks alike.

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The Kyocera 7 inch bread knife is extremely light weight (ceramic blades are typically half the weight of equivalent metal blades) and offer excellent balance. The blade is RAZOR sharp and durable with a rock-like blade edge.

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