What is the Best Bread Maker for Gluten Free Bread?

Did you know that the best bread maker for gluten free bread doesn’t necessarily have to carry a Gluten-Free setting? As long as the unit can be programmed to provide for customized results, you can use it to make gluten-free bread recipes. Read on as Best Bread Machine gives you the full details as to what you should look for in gluten free bread makers.

Gluten Dough Vs Gluten-Free Dough

There’s a big difference between dough intended for regular bread and dough for gluten free recipes. The existence of gluten makes dough thicker and tougher, whereas its absence makes dough quite soft and light. In the process of baking bread, dough mixtures that have gluten need to be kneaded more thoroughly. Moreover, it needs to rise 3 times in order for it to bake properly. With gluten-free dough, on the other hand, it only needs 1 rise cycle for it to bake to perfection. Exposing this type of dough to more than 1 rising cycle can cause it to collapse and not bake properly.

Gluten Free Bread Setting Vs Programmable Setting

Know for a fact that a bread machine with Gluten Free setting is not always a guarantee that you can make delicious gluten-free recipes with it. The final outcome of your bread will actually depend on your recipe which is either prepared from scratch or from a ready-made mix.

What is the Best Bread Maker for Gluten Free Bread?

While the GF setting is a convenient feature, it merely provides for a setting with 1 kneading cycle and 1 rising cycle. That’s because gluten-free recipes don’t really require more than 1 cycle for the kneading and rising processes. But there’s really nothing more special about this setting.

Here’s a revelation:

The best bread machine for gluten free bread can be devoid of the GF setting as long as it carries programmable features. This type of bread maker can actually make customized bread recipes, including gluten-free, with just a few extra punches on the appropriate buttons. You can therefore adjust the mixing and kneading time, rising time, as well as baking time.

This is really useful for sensitive recipes as some mixtures require longer or shorter time for such procedures. And this is especially true for ready-made mixes; that’s why it’s strongly advised that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed as is. So if you’re going to make gluten-free bread recipes, all you really need to do is program the unit to knead and rise once before baking the dough.

Rapid Cycle for Gluten Free Bread

There’s another technique that you can use if you want to make gluten free bread recipes on a bread maker that doesn’t carry a GF setting or Programmable features. If it has a Rapid Cycle feature where you can make regular types of breads quickly, you can actually use this to make your gluten free bread. Neat, huh?

It’s actually for this reason why regular types of bread don’t usually come out as good when these are baked quickly, as more kneading cycles and rising cycles are really required for such recipes. But with GF breads, it could be perfect. Try it!

Tips to Making the Perfect Gluten Free Bread on the Best Bread Maker

There are really a lot of things involved in making the perfect GF bread. Even if you own the best gluten free bread machine, you can still end up with a bad tasting GF bread. We therefore suggest a few pointers that you can consider so as to make sure that your GF bread recipes will always come out right.

If you have just found out that you’re allergic to gluten and are now considering making your own bread at home by using a bread maker, we recommend looking for a unit that has 2 paddles. This will allow for the proper mixing of ingredients and kneading of dough, which are both important in producing great results.

Tips to Making the Perfect Gluten Free Bread on the Best Bread Maker

If you’re going to use ready made mixes, note that the ingredients used in said packages will also affect the taste and overall outcome of your bread. So while those types of mix that use white rice flour and potato starch are quite cheap, these may not produce the best types of GF bread (and these are not that good for one’s health too).

Not a lot of people know that these are low quality ingredients, and they often blame the bread machine for the bad tasting result when the ready made mixes are to blame. We therefore recommend getting those products that use high quality ingredients like brown rice flour, millet, almond flour, etc. These types of ingredients can produce better results; and your body will benefit from their nutrients too.

Another thing that you should remember when baking GF bread in a bread maker is to immediately remove the loaf from the unit once it’s done. If you don’t, it can get soggy and moist; and that will ruin its texture and taste. Note that baked GF bread needs to be aired out quickly as soon as your bread machine signals you that it’s done.

Using room temperature ingredients also helps in improving the final outcome of GF breads. So if you need to use eggs, for example, remove these from the refrigerator ahead of time for this purpose.

Store-Bought GF Bread Vs Homemade Gluten Free Bread

Well, we all know that store-bought gluten free breads are not that delicious. And these can be quite expensive too. Why should you settle for such taste when you can make your own GF bread quite easily at home and at a very affordable price too?

A gluten free bread maker can be purchased anywhere from $60 to $200; and you can also choose from a wide variety of models. So not only can you pick the unit that best suits your needs, but your budget too. Remember, the unit doesn’t necessarily need to have a Gluten Free setting; as long as it has programmable settings, it can make great GF bread recipes. You simply need to program it to have 1 mixing cycle and 1 rising cycle and it will be ready to bake!

What is the Best Bread Machine for Gluten Free Bread?

We have a lot of recommendations for you as far as gluten free bread makers are concerned. And you can read about Bread Machine Reviews here at our site too.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Bread Maker

We highly recommend the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso since it can make a wide variety of bread recipes including Gluten-Free, of course. Click here to see our full review of this unit.

West Bend 41300 Bread Maker

We also want you to check out the West Bend 41300 Hi-Rise model. Aside from having the GF functionality, it can also provide you with 4 sizes of bread. And you can get this at a very reasonable price too! Click here to read our full review of this product.

Emeril OW5005001 by T-Fal Bread Maker

The Emeril OW5005001 by T-Fal is also a good contender if you’re shopping for a gluten free bread maker. This model can make 3 sizes of loaves; and you can even opt to make a 3-pound loaf of bread with it. Click here to find out more about this item.

Sanyo Gopan SPM RB-1000 Bread Maker

If you really want to spend money on your bread machine, you might want to look at the Sanyo Gopan SPM RB-1000. This is a multi-functional kitchen appliance as it can even grind rice to make flour. This is a full-featured programmable unit so you can basically make different types of bread recipes with it. Click here to read more about this model.

And lastly, we’d like you to take a look at Oster CKSTBRTW20. This is a very affordable bread maker and its Rapid Bake cycle will enable you to bake bread in less than an hour. It’s the fastest one we’ve seen so far. Click here for more information about this product.

Make Your Own Gluten Free Bread at Home!

You are now equipped with ample knowledge on how to choose a gluten free bread machine for home use. And we have provided you with some great options too. We sympathize with all the people who are sensitive to gluten; and we hope our humble efforts have helped you in deciding on the best bread maker that’s most suitable to your needs.

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